Top Women Clothing Brands on AliExpress

women clothing aliexpress

As we all know, AliExpress is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there with millions of loyal customers from all around the globe. It has thousands of innovative products and sellers who work towards bringing you the best product at an affordable rate. It is because of these benefits that AliExpress has managed to create such a strong foothold in the world of online shopping.


AliExpress creates the perfect platform for the interaction between buyers and sellers. The eCommerce platform works in such a way that it allows you to find almost everything, right from a hairpin to your computer parts. The wide range of options and products available at unbelievable prices make me turn to the platform for all my needs.

Benefits of purchasing from AliExpress

  • Low prices of the products.
  • Free Shipping in most of the products.
  • Buyer protection if you are not satisfied with the products received or if you have not received your order within 60 days.
  • Secure online payments.
  • Escrow system that keeps your money safe until you get the order and are satisfied with it.
  • Genuine reviews and feedbacks that let you decide if you should buy from a particular seller.

These advantages give the platform an upper hand, making it one of the most viable choices of customers from all around the world.

However, there is one problem with AliExpress. There are tons of sellers selling on the platform, so choosing one product or brand can get difficult and confusing. It can get nerve-wracking to differentiate between a good brand and a not-so-good one.

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But there is no reason for you to worry about not being able to find worthy products. In this article, I have brought to you the top brands and sellers on AliExpress who will give you nothing but the best.

So, if you are ready to shop to your heart’s content, continue reading to find the best. You can find the top brands and sellers in every category here, so no matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find the top sellers here –

Women’s Fashion


shein aliexpress

Shein is probably one of the biggest shopping brands in the world. The brand has a world presence and is one of the go-to brands of girls and women. On AliExpress, the brand has been conquering the world of online fashion for 6 years with positive feedback of 97.7 percent.

Shein is all about women who are fashion-forward yet classy, effortlessly cool and unafraid to venture into new worlds of fashion, trends, and design. At Shein, you will find everything to suit both young women and teens. Also, you can be sure that you will not break your bank by buying from Shein; the styles are chic and super affordable.

women clothing brand aliexpress

Whether you are looking for boho trends, graphic tees, patterned blouses, or swimwear, Shein is your one-stop destination for all.

women brands aliexpress

For your next fashion fix, you can check out the official Shein store here.

Simplee Apparel

Simplee is another top fashion brand on AliExpress that has been selling for 6 years. The brand has positive feedback of 97.6 percent with over 2 million followers all over the world.

The brand invokes confidence with its gorgeous and beautiful fashionwear. The collection has items that are perfect for different settings. You will find classy wear as well as high street fashion here. Whether you are looking for that perfect office wear or a dress for that romantic date, Simplee will help you find the best look.

women clothings seller aliexpress

The clothes go through careful inspection so that you only receive the best quality items that are the perfect fit and style for you. Do not miss out on their collection of fabulous spring wear.

best women clothing aliexpress

You can check out the store here.

Happy shopping!


Top Teenage Fashion Brands UK

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Best Face Serum Reviews for Men

man face serum

So, right after reading the title, a majority of you might be thinking what is a serum? Well, many of those who would presently be using a serum or multiple might not even clearly know what it is and may provide you, an over the top, vague description. Also, it isn’t a feminine product which you might think of it, just keep this in mind, it’s an anti-ageing miracle for men and it suits all types of faces, be it dehydrated or oily skin types.

What magic does Face Serum for Men do?

The serum is a great product used for skin care (mainly face) constituting smaller particles of potent powerful and active high concentration ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin and makes your skin related concerns vanish. It is basically providing moisturization to your skin but it is not actually a moisturizer. Many of these face serums are made by taking a little help from nature as many of these serum products are produced using botanical extracts. This can be used by those 9-to-5 workaholics and even those 24/7 junkies (now no one would know about it; well, until you do or did something seriously stupid for others to know). These skincare products are also used by many celebrities and the likes. These serums will make you look young and good and that matters, doesn’t it?

You can apply it after cleansing your face but before using a moisturizer on it and don’t worry; it is clearly a certified product approved by dermatologists, many of whom even use this in their day-to-day lives and also recommend it to their clients. So, before using a serum you surely should consult a dermatologist who can guide you about your skin type and what sorts of serums and other products you can use along with it.
Yes, these products will be costly if you’re thinking of the price. But hey, what product with good quality comes at a low price? Even iPhone 8 will cost you a great mighty fortune as the rumours say (and no, these skin care products aren’t that costly). Also, these skins enhancing and moisturizing products are super handy so these will fit in your grooming kit, just fine.

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Men’s Face Serums You Should BUY Online

Now all that’s said and done, we have reviewed 8 quality Men’s Face Serums for both anti aging as well as those with dry skins:

1. Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel – $39

Clinique brings you an Ophthalmologist tested wonderful product which provides you with an instant relief from those under eye puffiness and dark circles which make you look tired and older. The multi-award-winning eye gel is absorbed by the skin quickly and revitalizes hydrates and gives a brightened look to your tired looking eyes. It can be easily applied by using a handy roller ball which brings a cooling effect.
Get it here: Clinique Anti-fatigue Eye Gel for Men, 0.5 Ounce

2. NO7 Men Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum – $87

No7 Men’s renowned Protect and Perfect Intense Serum rejuvenates your face and delivers better anti ageing results. It is an easily absorbed serum which makes the skin looking healthy, by making it look firmer and smoother which in turn makes you look handsome. You will see the results after two weeks of using it when you’ll see your skin being radiant and full of energy as it successfully targets deep lines, pores and wrinkles. Many men after a month use even claimed it to be the best anti ageing product.
Get it here: Boots No7 MEN Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum ANTI-AGEING Sensitive 30ml-Targets Deep Lines and Wrinkles. FOR YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN IN JUST 2 WEEKS

3. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum – $179

Just a few drops of this daytime serum by SkinCeuticals provides you with a two way benefit: one, it provides you protection against the advanced harmful environmental factors like UVA, UVB, and infrared radiation A and two, it brightens your skin which indeed makes your skin rejuvenated by providing firmness to the skin and reducing wrinkles. This serum once applied to the face cannot be taken off and its effect stays for about a minimum of 72 hours
Access it here: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic 1 Fluid Ounce

4. Kiehl’s Super Corrective Eye-Opening Serum – $48

As the name suggests, this serum helps to correct the really fragile and dry skin around your blinkers and helps to deliver quick moisture to even the thirstiest and driest of skin portions around the eye. The main ingredient which is 10% of Botanical Extracts and Sodium Hyaluronate does this miracle for correcting the skin around the eye.
Buy it:Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye Opening Serum, 0.5 Ounce

5. Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Serum Concentrate – $55

Dermalogica’s serum concentrate is definitely the saviour for you from all those artificial colours and fragrances in the other cheaply made serums which make brings your skin neither protection from the environment nor is it repellent against the anti-ageing effects. It even works great with sensitive skin which is highly prone to having inflammatory reactions (redness, rashes, etc.) occurring every now and then a product is used on it.
Buy it: Dermalogica Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate, 1.3 Ounce

6. Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum – $57

This intense serum helps to repair your skin overnight. So, this serum is like the good elves working together to make your skin look young and energized again when you wake up in the morning. It is developed using a sirtuin technology and is formulated with a molecular age-less complex which will be the main acting force that will make your tired and aged skin rejuvenated.
Purchase: Lab Series Max LS Overnight Renewal Serum, 1 Ounce


Best Serum for Face Anti Aging

7. Clarins Lift Affine Visage Serum – $42

This French made serum is a boon to even those men who are very precise and careful when it comes to the skin as this serum acts on the little areas which even they tend to miss at times. The uplifting serum provides your droopy and saggy facial muscles to be looking smooth again as it will help to uplift and redefine your lower facial muscles giving your face, a more slim and defined structure
Discounted price: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V contouring serum 50 ml / 1.6 oz

8. La Roche-Posay Hydra Phase Intense Serum – $37

This internet famous La Roche serum is one that provides you 24 hours smooth rehydrating skin which makes your skin look smoother, softer and refreshed. The mica present in the serum diffuses light, blurs and completely diminishes the appearance of dark circles at the under-eye area.
Best buy: La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Face Serum, 1.01 fl.oz.

Buying Face Serums from Amazon

So now, you say a happy goodbye to the ageing effects like wrinkles, deep lines etc. and choose from the best and quality serums mentioned above to bring out your younger self and get going. Amazon is the platform to go to.

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How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips

How to Suit Up | Men’s Fashion Tips

Ppeople always ask me questions about the suits that I’m wearing and I want to take the time out to make a video dedicated to just that picking out the perfect suit and dressing it up to perfection first things first bit is king doesn’t matter what brand you’re wearing it doesn’t matter how much you’ve spent on your suit if it doesn’t fit it’s a bad suit.

Best Mens Fashion Trends 2020

I see a lot of guys getting a suit that’s one size too big and the result of that is that the shoulders of the suit flop over your natural shoulders you get this dent and easy way to check if the suit shoulder fits you right is to go up against the wall your suit should make contact with the wall first followed by your shoulder if there’s any bunching of fabric in between that your suit is too big if your shoulder hits the wall first before the fabric of the suit the suit is too tight it’s important that you’re able to comfortably cross your arms without tearing the fabric across your back moving on down the suit you want to make sure that the fin at the stomach is right to the way you check that is you button the top button of the suit and slide your hand in between that button if your hand feels too tight in that area it’s possible that your suit is too small or if there’s way too much room in there your suit is likely too big the fabric of the jacket should drape the natural contour of your arms without bunching up being too tight or loose the length of the sleeve is also crucial you want to be comfortable showing at least a quarter to half an inch of your shirt below your suit this is one of those alterations that needs to be done by an tailor because anatomically we’re all different we’re not symmetrical one arm can be longer than the other it’s been debated how long your suit should be and really there’s a simple answer to this you want your suit to fall somewhere between your wrist and the middle of your thumb but most importantly it has to cover your bottom so we talked about the jacket of the suit now let’s talk about the pants first you want to make sure that the waist of the pants fits you properly how do you find your natural waist well take three fingers and place them right below your belly button and that’s your natural waist that’s where your soup an should fit these are jeans these aren’t sweat pants so don’t let them sink too low your suit span should fit comfortably without the need for a belt in fact the best quality suit pants are made without belt loops they’re made with little hinges and attachments on the side to make small changes in case you gay – powder – the suit fabric should naturally drape the contour of your legs without being too loose or snug now let’s talk about the length of the pants there is some flexibility in deciding how you want the hem of your pants to look you can go for no break half break or a full break I think the perfect look falls somewhere between a half break or no break at all because when you go for a full break you get that ugly crease in your shins and doesn’t make the suit look flattering now let’s talk about the details which can really bring your personality to light starting from top to bottom let’s look at the lapels three most popular variations of the lapel is the notch lapel which is that classic one you see on most suits then you have the peak lapel which is the one I’m wearing now a little bit more formal a little bit more flashy and then you have the shawl collar which is something that you see traditionally and more formal events like award shows or galas but throw all those rules out the window if you feel like one of those lapels matches your personality or you look best don’t be afraid to try it give it a go and see if it works with your outfit let’s talk about the buttons of a suit we’re gonna be talking about single breasted suits only leaving a double-breasted suits behind the most important part to remember is do not button the bottom button that’s like a tongue twister but seriously don’t button the bottom button I recommend going with the two buttons it’s classic it works on all styles you can wear it to a formal event you can make it less formal by dressing it down with some jeans good quality suits have functioning or working buttons believe it or not functioning buttons have a medical history it used to be called surgeon’s buttons because when surgeons have to run to the operating room they would unbutton their sleeves roll them up and go to work it’s true a part of the suit that you probably never paid attention to before is the vents it’s the back side of your suit but it’s equally as important as all the other details suits have three options you can go for four the vents you have no vent you have the single vent down the middle or you have the double vent on the sides I strongly recommend going for the double vent because when you sit down the flap in the middle actually covers your bottom and doesn’t make you look like a fool go with a flat front pan no pleats please no pleats the last detail of a suit that you can work on is either getting a cuff or no cuff at the bottom of your pant leg really the choice here is yours now let’s talk the color and fabric of suits if you’re getting your first suit you should definitely get a suit that’s gonna be multi-purpose that you can wear to weddings that you can wear to events that you can wear to work and a navy suit for that fits all occasions if you already have a few suits and you’re looking to buy more there’s two things that you should really focus on that’s your skin tone and the season if it’s winter you want to go for something heavier like a wool or even a corduroy if it’s summer you want to go for light fabrics like cotton linen or even a very thin fine wool when talking about color for the summer you want bright colors that pop and make a statement but for the winter in the fall you want brown tones Navy tones dark tones it just generally looks good with the light of that season underneath your suit I believe there’s only two options that you could really go for that’s a t-shirt or a dress shirt wearing a t-shirt is a great way to dress down the suit and making it a little bit less formal but still looking very well dressed the type of t-shirt I’d normally go for is either a white or black v-neck tee it keeps the lines of the suit looking very crisp it doesn’t take away from the suit but still allows you to look very well-dressed very proper and very sure make sure that it’s a slim fit t-shirt there’s not too much fabric bunching up down the middle and also that it’s not too long you don’t want your shirt to be longer than your suit that just makes it look messy dress shirts let’s not get too complicated here you want a shirt that fits really well snug but not causing any kind of creasing no pulling on the buttons most importantly you want a shirt that’s long enough so it stays neatly tucked into your pants all day you want to get a semi spread collar it’s the collar that works with pretty much anything tie or no tie avoid getting a collar that buttons down doesn’t look good with the suit just go for the classic two button barrel cuff no need for French cuffs no need for cufflinks right now start off by getting a quality collection of basic shirts first and then you can start exploring and finding out what works for you what do I think about on their shirts I don’t think you need them get rid of them they never look good they make your midsection look heavy and some people say that it prevents the sweat stains from going onto the dress shirt but that doesn’t happen in fact I think they make you more hot more sweaty there’s no benefit to an undershirt ties make sure that when you’re wearing a tie it doesn’t go past your belt and it doesn’t sit too high up on your torso because it’s gonna make you look back also when selecting the color of your tie make sure it fits the color palette of your suit and your dress shirt I also opted for a tie book not only do I think it looks great but it also keeps a tie in the same place all day without falling to either side what’s the deal with pocket squares well I think pocket squares are great they allow you to show more personality add more color to your wardrobe a lot of people think that your pocket square needs to match your tie or your dresser perfectly but that’s not true it can do that perfect little accent of color that you don’t expect but again it should stay in the same color palette that your tie suit and dress shirt earning but there are a million ways to fold your pocket square but I like to keep it simple as I do with most things so I either go for the conservative square or if I’m feeling very fashionable I’ll go for the four-point look it’s time to figure out what kind of socks to wear here’s a place for you to show even more personality and get some crazy colored socks you really only should be seeing your socks when you’re seated so it’s okay to get a really flashy color here for me because I have big calves if I wear regular socks they’ll cause the fabric of my suit to bunch up but it won’t look great I wear super low no-show socks also if you’re gonna be wearing the loafer don’t be afraid to go sockless especially in the summer you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes as long as they match the color palette of your suit and their great quality you’ll be all set fashion has no boundaries there’s really no limit to your creativity these are simply my rules that I think can help you look your best

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We’re gonna be talking about 10 wardrobe essentials that you actually need I’ve been wanting to do this video for so long it’s going to be so transforming guys.

I’m going to show you 10 things and each piece is going to build upon each other and you’re going to see how much you can really do with only 10 things and I do want to say a big thank you to Walmart for working with me and collaborating with me on this video guys Walmart has stepped up their game their quality and their fashion sense and style really has dramatically improved recently even even recently it worked one of my friends came to work and I was like oh my gosh I love your shirt where did you get it and she’s like Walmart it was like 15 bucks I’m like I’m working with them soon so anyway all of these things are very very affordable but really good quality and as you can see you’re gonna be able to do a lot with these 10 things and guys yes I know this is distracting I burnt myself with a curling iron it looks like a hickey on my arm but no it is now a scar that’s probably going to remain there for a long time anyway I’m sorry but let’s get started with this video and see you guys I’m already doing a little transforming trick really wasn’t part of the video um but I’ve decided that for this look I actually want to tuck in this shirt so I don’t think I said this in my intro.

I’m gonna get I’m gonna get the first thing I’m back it’s a basic t-shirt which guys I know I’ve talked about this on my channel before but this is a good one it’s buy time and true it’s probably my favorite brand at Walmart so just FYI about that but this guy’s it is so basic but it’s so good you can seriously dress this up you can dress it down you can do so much with a basic white t-shirt I highly recommend the v-neck but yeah white you can omit in a lot of colors but white if I had to pick because we’re only doing ten things white is the way to go so this is the first thing and like I said we’re gonna kind of build upon everything the next thing I can’t really hold up because I’m wearing it I don’t know if that was good planning or bad planning but it’s these dark wash jeans so if you don’t listen to anything else in this video listen to this these jeans are by Sofia Vergara you know her I like her anyway she has a denim line at Walmart guys it is so good I have several pairs of her jeans there these were $22 okay they are basic dark wash jeans they she has some other styles that are kind of like more jazzed up but these are basic dark wash jeans perfect for your wardrobe clearly I like to have a decent amount of denim selection but I would say if I had to narrow down to only one type I would go the dark wash because again you can dress it up you can dress it down and this is such a perfect option these feel so good and I cannot believe they are only $22 so just like check her out I love these jeans and yeah let’s just let’s keep going this next category involves dressy shoes and I’m technically showing you two different things which means I have 11 items total for this video so I apologize for my bad math anyway so you need a good pair of classic black pumps that are comfortable and guys that’s the key these literally the name of them is city classified comfort it feels like you’re walking on a cloud the heel isn’t too high I really recommend these if you’re on your feet a lot they they’re really comfortable now these on the other hand they’re tangled they are beige and I think every girl woman everybody out there that likes to wear heels needs a good pair of nude beige e open-toed heels again the story of this entire video is to be able to wear them that they match a lot of different things and you can dress them up and you can dress them down okay so we’re just gonna get the shoes out of the way because I feel like that’s kind of the foundation a little literally the foundation of your outfit it’s what you’re walking in so guys these flats oh my gosh I feel like they’re the star of this video this these these flats are probably my favorite thing of everything they are freaking gorgeous are they not they are pointy toe flats that’s like that’s me too it’s he they have like this blingy thing at the at the top they are so affordable they’re so comfortable – definitely true to size I just love them the color is perfect – so these are just a perfect perfect example of a flat that is comfortable it can be casual but it can totally be dressed up as well so highly recommend these but but let’s let’s let’s go to the next pair of shoes too and then we’ll be done with shoes sneakers so these are a classic pair of white sneakers and they’re just so classic and again I know they’re blending in but don’t be scared don’t be scared of the white guys get a magic eraser it does wonders you can also get it at Walmart anyway I feel like these are just great to have I have a pair of Gucci white sneakers that I am so anal about and I I spent a lot of money on them but these these emulate that same exact look as time goes on if these get marks or scuffed or dirty and you want to replace them it’s not that big of a deal but sometimes you just want to be casual you want to throw them on and be comfortable and these are so nice they’re very plain which I really like but they do have a little flare in the back with this silver but they’re so comfortable and so so stylish I really really love these alright guys so work we’re starting to get somewhere I can’t do an essentials video without including a black blazer this is a great blazer everybody needs a blazer in their wardrobe I just I love them so much I wear them so often I wear them multiple times a week with t-shirts with dressy tops with jeans with dress pants literally anything and if you are starting out with your blazer selection and get a black one because that’s that’s what you can do at the very most so this is a great great option very very affordable it fits well it feels good and if you have cats you might need a lint roller as well I mean that’s that’s just with black basically anything black okay so it really wasn’t gonna talk about this next but since we just covered the black thing I figured I’d just transition into the black pants segment so anyway you need a good pair of black pants but I recommend black jeans because they can pass as jeans but then also dress pants it’s great it’s magic so I really really love these pants there by Jordache they fit really well they’re stretchy they’re they’re kind of skinny and I love them with heels I love them with flats I love them to be dressy or they could just be a good pair of jeans the next essential that you need is what I am wearing and it is this white butt that blouse so we are covered with the white t-shirt very very casual but we do need a top that is a little bit more dressy but still very very flexible you can you can do a lot with it so at the beginning of this video I had it completely untucked that was great you can obviously tuck the whole thing in completely changes it you could tuck one side in you could wear if the black blazer or you could wear it with just a pair of jeans and some flats you can do so much with it the possibilities are endless this is definitely an essential that’s that that you should have I like the short sleeves too we who go long-sleeve but we’re in summer so I do the short sleeve we’re getting to the end people but we’re not there yet so next we have a good long cardigan I guys cardigans are amazing everybody loves cardigans this is a great option super super comfortable flowy nice but that’s the thing I think I just really like them to be a little bit longer so this is great you can obviously get it in several colors but I think either gray or beige is probably the best way to go if you are trying to kind of do like a capsule wardrobe like essentials for your closet so I love this and and this is a layering piece so here we are starting to see that we’ve built the foundation now we’re just adding on some additional layering pieces to really pull everything together and make it look like a total outfit we are here this is the tenth piece and it is a denim jacket you guys know hopefully you know that I love a denim jacket this is by Levi’s you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket by Levi’s this is so good I like the wash it’s very classic I love denim on denim but this is again just a great layering piece to just have you just grab it.

Best Leather Jacket for Men

It literally works with basically anything and again it pulls the whole outfit together it’s kind of the third piece to the outfit that you don’t necessarily need but it just makes everything better

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