We’re gonna be talking about 10 wardrobe essentials that you actually need I’ve been wanting to do this video for so long it’s going to be so transforming guys.

I’m going to show you 10 things and each piece is going to build upon each other and you’re going to see how much you can really do with only 10 things and I do want to say a big thank you to Walmart for working with me and collaborating with me on this video guys Walmart has stepped up their game their quality and their fashion sense and style really has dramatically improved recently even even recently it worked one of my friends came to work and I was like oh my gosh I love your shirt where did you get it and she’s like Walmart it was like 15 bucks I’m like I’m working with them soon so anyway all of these things are very very affordable but really good quality and as you can see you’re gonna be able to do a lot with these 10 things and guys yes I know this is distracting I burnt myself with a curling iron it looks like a hickey on my arm but no it is now a scar that’s probably going to remain there for a long time anyway I’m sorry but let’s get started with this video and see you guys I’m already doing a little transforming trick really wasn’t part of the video um but I’ve decided that for this look I actually want to tuck in this shirt so I don’t think I said this in my intro.

I’m gonna get I’m gonna get the first thing I’m back it’s a basic t-shirt which guys I know I’ve talked about this on my channel before but this is a good one it’s buy time and true it’s probably my favorite brand at Walmart so just FYI about that but this guy’s it is so basic but it’s so good you can seriously dress this up you can dress it down you can do so much with a basic white t-shirt I highly recommend the v-neck but yeah white you can omit in a lot of colors but white if I had to pick because we’re only doing ten things white is the way to go so this is the first thing and like I said we’re gonna kind of build upon everything the next thing I can’t really hold up because I’m wearing it I don’t know if that was good planning or bad planning but it’s these dark wash jeans so if you don’t listen to anything else in this video listen to this these jeans are by Sofia Vergara you know her I like her anyway she has a denim line at Walmart guys it is so good I have several pairs of her jeans there these were $22 okay they are basic dark wash jeans they she has some other styles that are kind of like more jazzed up but these are basic dark wash jeans perfect for your wardrobe clearly I like to have a decent amount of denim selection but I would say if I had to narrow down to only one type I would go the dark wash because again you can dress it up you can dress it down and this is such a perfect option these feel so good and I cannot believe they are only $22 so just like check her out I love these jeans and yeah let’s just let’s keep going this next category involves dressy shoes and I’m technically showing you two different things which means I have 11 items total for this video so I apologize for my bad math anyway so you need a good pair of classic black pumps that are comfortable and guys that’s the key these literally the name of them is city classified comfort it feels like you’re walking on a cloud the heel isn’t too high I really recommend these if you’re on your feet a lot they they’re really comfortable now these on the other hand they’re tangled they are beige and I think every girl woman everybody out there that likes to wear heels needs a good pair of nude beige e open-toed heels again the story of this entire video is to be able to wear them that they match a lot of different things and you can dress them up and you can dress them down okay so we’re just gonna get the shoes out of the way because I feel like that’s kind of the foundation a little literally the foundation of your outfit it’s what you’re walking in so guys these flats oh my gosh I feel like they’re the star of this video this these these flats are probably my favorite thing of everything they are freaking gorgeous are they not they are pointy toe flats that’s like that’s me too it’s he they have like this blingy thing at the at the top they are so affordable they’re so comfortable – definitely true to size I just love them the color is perfect – so these are just a perfect perfect example of a flat that is comfortable it can be casual but it can totally be dressed up as well so highly recommend these but but let’s let’s let’s go to the next pair of shoes too and then we’ll be done with shoes sneakers so these are a classic pair of white sneakers and they’re just so classic and again I know they’re blending in but don’t be scared don’t be scared of the white guys get a magic eraser it does wonders you can also get it at Walmart anyway I feel like these are just great to have I have a pair of Gucci white sneakers that I am so anal about and I I spent a lot of money on them but these these emulate that same exact look as time goes on if these get marks or scuffed or dirty and you want to replace them it’s not that big of a deal but sometimes you just want to be casual you want to throw them on and be comfortable and these are so nice they’re very plain which I really like but they do have a little flare in the back with this silver but they’re so comfortable and so so stylish I really really love these alright guys so work we’re starting to get somewhere I can’t do an essentials video without including a black blazer this is a great blazer everybody needs a blazer in their wardrobe I just I love them so much I wear them so often I wear them multiple times a week with t-shirts with dressy tops with jeans with dress pants literally anything and if you are starting out with your blazer selection and get a black one because that’s that’s what you can do at the very most so this is a great great option very very affordable it fits well it feels good and if you have cats you might need a lint roller as well I mean that’s that’s just with black basically anything black okay so it really wasn’t gonna talk about this next but since we just covered the black thing I figured I’d just transition into the black pants segment so anyway you need a good pair of black pants but I recommend black jeans because they can pass as jeans but then also dress pants it’s great it’s magic so I really really love these pants there by Jordache they fit really well they’re stretchy they’re they’re kind of skinny and I love them with heels I love them with flats I love them to be dressy or they could just be a good pair of jeans the next essential that you need is what I am wearing and it is this white butt that blouse so we are covered with the white t-shirt very very casual but we do need a top that is a little bit more dressy but still very very flexible you can you can do a lot with it so at the beginning of this video I had it completely untucked that was great you can obviously tuck the whole thing in completely changes it you could tuck one side in you could wear if the black blazer or you could wear it with just a pair of jeans and some flats you can do so much with it the possibilities are endless this is definitely an essential that’s that that you should have I like the short sleeves too we who go long-sleeve but we’re in summer so I do the short sleeve we’re getting to the end people but we’re not there yet so next we have a good long cardigan I guys cardigans are amazing everybody loves cardigans this is a great option super super comfortable flowy nice but that’s the thing I think I just really like them to be a little bit longer so this is great you can obviously get it in several colors but I think either gray or beige is probably the best way to go if you are trying to kind of do like a capsule wardrobe like essentials for your closet so I love this and and this is a layering piece so here we are starting to see that we’ve built the foundation now we’re just adding on some additional layering pieces to really pull everything together and make it look like a total outfit we are here this is the tenth piece and it is a denim jacket you guys know hopefully you know that I love a denim jacket this is by Levi’s you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket by Levi’s this is so good I like the wash it’s very classic I love denim on denim but this is again just a great layering piece to just have you just grab it.

Best Leather Jacket for Men

It literally works with basically anything and again it pulls the whole outfit together it’s kind of the third piece to the outfit that you don’t necessarily need but it just makes everything better

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